Tornado Grade Glazing
Glazed windows are widely documented as the significant weak points of large builders such as schools and hospitals which are based in Tornado prone areas.

In recent years, technology has advanced allowing rise for a glazing technology capable of withstanding even an EF-5 category tornado.

With wind speeds of 250mph or more, tornadoes in the US can cause damage paths in excess of one mile wide and 50 miles long and every state is at risk.

To combat these high wind speeds, windows are tested with missiles replicating debris. Unlike hurricane glazing which can withstand impacts at 34mph, tornado resistance is measures from 100mph and upwards.

Although the UK isn’t inclined to tornado related emergencies, if you are in need of emergency glazing, get in touch with Glass 247 for a quick quote.

Additional Security
New forms of security are designed continuously around the world so it can be difficult to navigate the best options for you.

At Glass 247, we can provide security laminated glass and UPVC windows and doors, as well as specialising in Emergency home repairs and shop fronts. There are so many extra security measures on the market for your peace of mind, we thought we could explain a few of the available options.

For domestic or commercial windows which may require more constant use, removable bars could be an ideal security feature. These bars can be removed for cleaning or access purposes when required and replaced once the task is complete. Alternatively, fixed bars and fixed mesh grilles are a more permanent window and door security feature, providing high level security at cost effective prices.

If the security of your windows has been compromised, visit Emergency Glass in Maidenhead for our 24/7 call out service. We can provide temporary repairs or replacement windows and doors.

Roof Lights

If you need to replace a roof light in your roof space, the specialist manufacturer VELUX®  has a promotion running during March and April incentivising customers to install VELUX’s latest range of white painted products. Anyone taking up the offer is entitled to £25 voucher from a range of high street retailers and restaurants. Please try Alder glass for Patio door repairs in Ascot.

UK Glass manufacturer Pilkington has recently launched Pilkington K Glass A. Suitable for homes and commercial applications the glass is designed to allow high light transmission and has a toughened glass option.

One of the attractions of the glass is the fact that it has been developed to contribute to a low Window Energy Rating when it is fitted as a sealed unit, allowing consumers to reduce their energy consumption.For Emergency Glass in Guildford Call ALLDER Glass today.

Replacing the windows in your home is a big investments but it can overtime reduce your living costs and reduce the maintenance on your home.

There are many benefits to be gained including lower heating bills, better security and creating a more comfortable and attractive environment.

Home security is often overlooked but the latest windows are very secure with improved locking systems and toughened glass. All replacement windows should be built to a recognised standard and you should be aiming for the best energy efficiency rating, this will not only reduce your bills but lower your carbon footprint.

Modern replacement windows are designed to be low maintenance with better quality frames and seals, yellowing frames and poor seals are now a thing of the past. If you are unfortunate to experience a break in or vandalism you may require our callout service for Emergency Glass in Maidenhead and Slough, if so our 24 hour contact number is at the top of the page.

A Government proposal to relax Planning requirements looks set to encourage property owners to be more proactive in the modernisation of their buildings.

A recent survey of their business customers by Pilkington showed that they were looking to the Government to implement a long term strategy for new housing and relax local planning laws.

The survey revealed a desire for the Government to incentivise landlords and householders to improve their buildings, by making them more energy efficient.

Installing energy efficient windows and doors can make big savings to most people’s annual energy bills. For all Emergency Glass in Guildford call us today.

20% of British households still without double glazing

Everest Home Improvements have completed a survey which shows that more than 2,000,000 households do not take any steps to keep their homes insulated. It appears that just under 20% of British Homes have no double glazing on windows or doors and of these around 30% have never had their windows improved or needed Emergency Glass Maidenhead.

What is surprising that just under 40% of the UK spend up to a £300 a month on energy bills and yet 2,000,000 households do nothing to keep their home insulated.

It seems that 45-65’s are the most likely age group to have taken no action to improve the energy efficiency of their homes even though poor insulation is having a negative impact on their health.

Encouraging Growth Reported by ONS

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) has conducted an extensive report of recent UK household spending. The results appear to be quite positive for glaziers and glass replacement companies including emergency glass in Wokingham.

Chris Burke from the contractor recommendation website Rated People, made the following comments:

“The spending index for family homes shows changes to the way people spend their money. Many are opting to stay at their current homes rather than moving to new places. Due to this fact, more updates, routine maintenance and repair will need to be carried out over time.”

“Figures indicate that recently homeowners are not quite so keen to get their own hands dirty with home repairs. Statistically speaking, there has been a major drop of more than 60% in spending on DIY supplies over the previous couple of years. Homebase has even confirmed that it feels Britain’s DIY enthusiasm is slowly dropping.”

“Instead, a growing number of home owners are employing professional contractors to take care of the work on their behalves. During this time there has been a clear increase of 12% of money spent on outsourcing work around the home.”

“Hiring tradesmen to undertake these tasks currently represents a significant chunk of house-hold spending at around 11%. This is a shade under than the usual spend on council tax which accounts for 14%. It is also many times greater than the average 3% which goes towards home insurance.”

“With regards to window replacement companies and glaziers this is a good sign. Here at Rated People we have noticed a 20% increase of interest in the home improvements section. The British economy is also likely to flourish due to a combination of increased spending through professional contractors, retail sales and ultimately tax which pays the government.”

Benefits to customer of using a FENSA company

FENSA is the governing body of replacement window and door installers, that is why you should look for the FENSA logo when having replacement windows and doors fitted in your home or business:

  • You do not have to register your window replacement, door installation with the local authority yourself, as it is done for you
  • Your FENSA installer will provide Compliance with the Building Regulations without the added cost and time of arranging assessment by Building Control
  • FENSA is the brand trusted by all local authorities, industry and government.
  • All FENSA registered companies have to regularly re-test with an independent inspection body to ensure compliance with Building Regulations.
  • Around 9000 companies nationwide have joined FENSA which include all types of glazing companies, builders, national and smaller home improvements companies, housing associations, property developers. If all these companies trust and use FENSA, consumers can too. If all these companies trust FENSA, homeowners can too.
  • FENSA installers need to provide Insurance for its customers, although installers have freedom of choice over insurance providers.
  • FENSA proactively protects consumers from the cowboy builders and fitters, by withholding the scheme from those unable to pass FENSA’s independent assessments; but also by reporting breaches to Trading standards.
  • Customers are urged to rate the quality and service on the feedback form.

Insurances that will protect you

Deposit Protection: When FENSA Registered Businesses take a deposit in advance of installations, they must give some form of deposit indemnity, these deposits may be guaranteed by a trade association, deposit Indemnity schemes, or credit card protection.

Guarantee or Warranty : All FENSA Registered Businesses provide the customer with a guarantee to cover the cost of completing rectification work in respect of any defects.

FENSA Building Regulations Certificate:

  • This will be sent by FENSA directly to you to demonstrate compliance, important in the event you need to sell your house.

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